You Can Buy This Unbelievable Star Trek Shaggin’ Wagon


This 1978 GMC van is the ultimate set of wheels for a Star Trek fan with a mullet. The owner has decided to sell and purchase a smaller vehicle for his family. According to the listing on Craigslist:

The van was built up from stock in 1979-1980, paint was done by G.S. Roy, a well known Canadian artist. I contacted Mr. Roy, who remembers painting this van as well as another for the owners cousin (that one was ‘mermaid’ themed. . .wish I knew where it was!). The van is a survivor and sat for years in storage owned by the same family from new to 2012 (33 years). . .I purchased it in 2013 from Ontario and shipped it out to the west coast here in Vancouver where I have enjoyed every day of owning it. NOT a vehicle for the shy, you absolutely cannot go anywhere without many thumbs up, cheers, and people waxing nostalgic about custom vans and/or Star Trek.

This can all be yours for $9500.

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star trek shaggin wagon

(via Boing Boing)


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