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The Matrix Of Leadership From ‘Transformers: The Movie’ Is 3D-Printable [Video]


Who doesn’t love a good Transformers movie? More specifically, the good Transformers movie, aptly named The Transformers: The Movie? It features a title where 50% of the words are “The” as if to reinforce that it’s the only decent film the Transformers franchise will ever have.

During the course of the movie, Optimus Prime – spoiler alert! – bites the big one, and passes the Matrix of Leadership on to Ultra Magnus. Ultimately it ends up in the hands of Hot Rod, who opens it and becomes Rodimus Prime, which is absolutely not the silliest name ever given a Transformer.

But 3D Printsman Bob Clagett decided to eschew the whole dying-and-selecting-a-successor thing by simply building his own Matrix of Leadership. The end result is a combination of 3D printed parts, off-the-shelf bits, and a dash of electronics. Oh, and it looks marvelous, too. Check out Bob’s video showing the making of the thing below.

(via io9)


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