Air New Zealand Puts The First Official Image Of Smaug On The Side Of A Jet [Video]

desolation of smaug

Though we’ve seen plenty of promo pictures from The Desolation of Smaug, we’ve yet to see any official stills of the actual dragon. That changed yesterday when Air New Zealand unveiled Smaug on the side of one of their planes (yes, the above image is a screencap from the trailer just in case you don’t want to see the mighty Smaug for the first time on the side of an airplane). Air New Zealand got to show off the impressive beast on a plane that flew to Los Angeles for the premiere of The Hobbit’s second installment. I hope everyone aboard made a ton of jokes about riding a dragon.

Check out the dragon in pictures and video after the break.

smaug 1

smaug 2

smaug 3

(CBM via /Film)


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