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Animated Indiana Jones Fan Project Leaves Us Wanting More [Video]


Earlier this month we got our first glimpse at art from Patrick Schoenmaker’s Indiana Jones animated fan film and it was glorious. As promised, Schoenmaker and his team have delivered on the project, though the result is a short “opening sequence” as opposed to an actual film or TV length show. Still, it is more than enough to leave us wanting a whole series. Check it out below.

EW spoke with Schoenmaker and he noted that Lucasfilm has been quiet about the project thus far:

“No, I’ve not been contacted by Lucasfilm about developing this into a full series, neither have they asked me to stop working on my Indy project. Generally, Lucasfilm really encourages fans to expand the universes of their franchises with fan art. They even have fan art competitions from time to time, so I believe they really appreciate it if the fans are involved.”

Here’s hoping that this clip inspires Lucasfilm to expand the project into something official. We’re guessing that the more attention it gets, the more that’s likely to happen (but I’m not getting my hopes up).


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