Back To The Future Hoverboard Commericals Crush Our Dreams


We’ve all been demanding our flying cars and flying skateboards for years now, and this “commercial” would have you believe that at least one of those dreams has come true. It’s for the HUVr flying skateboard and the video is introduced by none other than Christopher Lloyd aka Doc Brown. It then goes on to include some famous faces like Moby, Tony Hawk, Billy Zane, and Terrell Owens singing the hoverboard’s praises.

Unfortunately, Devin Faraci has crushed all of our dreams and confirmed that it is but a viral video created by the folks at Funny or Die. However, I have no doubt that we will get our hoverboards and shoes with self-tying laces one day.

See the videos after the break…

(HUVr via io9)


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