Batman vs. Superman Paintings Commissioned By Zach Snyder


This artwork, commissioned by Zach Snyder for the charity We Can Be Heroes, shows Batman and Superman as the best of enemies. Snyder gave the artists who created the trio of images just Batman vs. Superman as a prompt and these are the results. The paintings debuted at the Man of Steel fan event where Snyder spoke a bit about the characters.

Whether they’re fighting or they become friends, or if they’re friends and they fight, that’s the fun of making movies and playing with this mythology. You get to take these icons and see how emotionally they fit together. I think that’s the most important thing and fun thing. And, of course, there will be some physical conflicts as well.

Sounds like a little tease about what we’ll see in the movie. Lex Luthor also came up during the event, with Kevin Smith mentioning how Lex calls Superman an alien all the time. Snyder neither confirmed nor denied Lex’s appearance, but did say, “Lex loves calling him an alien,” along with a little smirk. Could that be a smirk of confirmation? We’re hoping the answer is yes.

You can bid on the artwork on ebay with funds going to DC’s We Can Be Heroes campaign.

See more pictures and video of the event after the break…



(The Hollywood Reporter via io9)


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