Black Widow’s Writer Teases Us With A Six Page Movie Script


News of a Captain Marvel movie pretty much had the nerdverse over the moon, but that didn’t stop everyone from asking for a Black Widow movie, too. Comics writer Nathan Edmondson has added to the clamor by writing a 6-page script for the film.

Emondson has been writing the Black Widow series throughout 2014, and when he caught wind of #BlackWidowMovie he decided that the best way to show his support was to write an opener for the non-existent film. The script looks absolutely amazing and you can just imagine Scarlett Johansson on the big screen delivering the lines and kicking butt. Now, to get the film green-lighted. Who do we see about that?

See his tweet and read an excerpt from the script after the break.


You can read the whole script here.

(via io9)


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