Could Joaquin Phoenix Be Our “Batman Vs. Superman” Villain?


According to reports in Variety, Joaquin Phoenix has been offered the role of the villain in the upcoming Batman vs Superman movie. That villain is rumored to be Lex Luthor, but regardless, Phoenix as yet to accept the role. He’s currently also up for a part in Sea of Trees which is more like his typical fare, but just because a blockbuster isn’t usually his thing doesn’t mean he’s ruled it out.

A piece in LA Weekly has the actor talking in very positive terms about blockbuster movies like Star Trek which he labels “f*cking brilliant.”

As long as you’re not visibly shaking in front of a camera, anyone could give a great performance with the right script and the right director…..It’s even more difficult to stand with a half-made, fake-ass f*cking set with some weird f*cking wig and say a bunch of technical dialogue and not have the benefit of people going, ‘Well, this is important work so let’s give it its space.’ Everyone’s going, ‘C’mon, jerk-off! Let’s do this!’

That’s not even close to a confirmation that he’ll take the villain role, but it does show he’s not averse to being involved in a blockbuster film.

(Variety via /Film)


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