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Could Doc’s DeLorean Even Hit 88 MPH In That Parking Lot?


The DeLorean in Back to the Future hits 88 MPH in the Twin (Lone) Pines Mall parking lot so it can travel through time, but could the car get up to speed in the real world? After all, the DeLorean is an underpowered car dealing with a limited amount of space. According to a commenter on Jalopnik, Marty would never have made it:

So knowing the acceleration and knowing that the car travelled roughly 100 meters or 6.214×10^-2 miles we can look at how long it would have taken to traverse that distance. For an object starting from a standstill the equation for distance assuming a constant acceleration is D=0.5AT^2. Solving that equation for time gives an answer of 8.1 seconds. What that means is that the Delorean wouldn’t even be going 60mph (let alone 88mph) by the time it reached Doc and Marty since it takes 8.8 seconds for the car to get to 60mph. Doc wasn’t joking about seeing some serious shit… him and Marty would be splattered across the Twin Pines parking lot!

The calculations utilized the Google Maps measurement tool on the actual parking lot location along with a map of the DeLorean’s routes. These maps were assumed to be accurate, but the main issue here is that it was also assumed that Doc didn’t make any modifications to the engine. That seems unlikely since he took the time to turn it into a friggin’ time machine.

Still, you can check out the full analysis over at Jalopnik and decide for yourself.


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