Emilia Clarke Goes From Khaleesi To Sarah Connor For Terminator: Genesis

emilia clarke

Well, it’s official. Deadline is reporting that actress Emilia Clarke had been chosen to play Sarah Connor in the new Terminator reboot Terminator: Genesis.

The reboot will be directed by Game Of Thrones‘ Alan Taylor, so Clarke will be in familiar hands as she jumps from fantasy to sci-fi to take on the role.

I think this may be a really good choice, personally. Linda Hamilton’s Sarah Connor started out as someone who’s never held a gun or done any kind of fighting and she became one kickass lady. Clarke’s Danaerys starts out as a frightened child and, if you’re familiar with the show, you know just how badass she’s turned out to be.

From Arnold, to a reboot, to the Mother of Dragons. You know you have thoughts on this. So feel free to share. 😉

(via Deadline)


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