English Is Easier To Learn With Darth Vader Quotes

vader dictionary 1

Darth Vader has some choice phrases and quotes in Star Wars’ original trilogy, and they shouldn’t be limited to being spoken in English. If you’ve ever wanted to learn how Vader’s popular words would be written in Japanese, there’s now a book for that. Seriously.

Actually, the phrasebook from publisher Gakken is intended for Japanese customers who want to learn a little English in a fun way. So if you’re in a business meeting with Japanese clients and one of them says “I am altering the deal, pray I do not alter it any further,” perhaps you won’t take it quite as hard.

See more pics from the phrasebook after the break.

vader dictionary 2

vader dictionary 3

vader dictionary 4

vader dictionary 5

vader dictionary 6

(JSW via Kotaku via Neatorama, photos via Gakken and Rokubun)


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