Even Spielberg Couldn’t Get “The Last Starfighter” Rights


Although this modern trailer for The Last Starfighter may have you itching for a remake, it doesn’t look likely. Quite a few people have tried getting the rights to the film with no luck. The list of those who have tried and failed includes Gary Whitta, Seth Rogen, and even Steven Spielberg.

The news came via a tweet from Seth Rogen in which he revealed Spielberg personally told him that he’d had no luck getting the rights. Following the trail of tweets, it all comes back to the film’s writer, Jonathan R. Betuel, who has no interest in seeing the movie revived. It’s easy to understand why he is protective of the movie, but it’d still be nice to see what could be done with the film today in the right hands.

See Rogen’s tweet after the break.

(via /Film)


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