Gender-Swapped “Lord of the Rings” Is a Beautiful Thing


Here’s what Lord of the Rings would look like with the genders of all the characters swapped, and it’s absolutely beautiful. Annis at Livejournal recast the movie and did an incredible job choosing a whole new group of actors.

When I created this picspam, I had a couple of requirements when choosing an actor. First off: they should be of an approximately fitting age. No 20-year-old Aragorn or 40-year-old Gandalf. Second off: they should have some tie to the movie version of the character, as that’s what I’m casting after. As I’m pretty bad at actors, I used IMDB extensively and asked friends for help. I haven’t considered much beyond looks either, as, well, then I couldn’t cast anything. Not much of a movie watcher, me. 🙂

I’m particularly fond of Geena Davis as Gimili given that the actress is actually 6′ tall!

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(via io9)


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