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George Lucas Explains How The Lightsaber Came To Be [Video]

lightsaber battle

We all know and love the lightsaber, the elegant weapon for a more civilized age. It’s hands down the best weapon in all of science fiction, but how was it created? Lucasfilm released a video featuring George Lucas, Mark Hamill, and sound designer Ben Burtt discussing the concept and birth of the laser sword, and it’s absolutely fascinating. I don’t often sit still for featurettes over five minutes, but I couldn’t look away from this one.

Lucas references the influences of Star Wars like swashbuckling films starring Errol Flynn; they showed a more romantic side of fighting and he wanted to create a weapon that matched those ideals. At one point, Jedi were just going to have swords. I’m so glad that change was made!

Learn more about the lightsaber by watching the featurette after the break.

(via The Verge)


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