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George R. R. Martin Bought a Movie Theater To Bring It Back To Life

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The author of A Song of Ice and Fire made news in a different way than usual lately – as a businessman. George R.R. Martin bought a movie theater in Santa Fe called the Jean Cocteau. First of all, don’t freak out about it taking his time away from writing. He won’t be operating anything in the building. He bought it because he loves movies and this particular theater.

It’s a small art house sort of theater with just a single screen. It was a also a coffee house. Martin went to several movies there during his time in Santa Fe until the theater closed in 2006.

I love movies and old movie theatres, and it broke my heart to drive past the Jean Cocteau for these past seven years and see it sitting there, dark and decaying. Bringing this beloved theatre back to life is my small gesture at giving something back to Santa Fe, the community that has been my home since 1979. Might be that I will lose my shirt… but, hey, I’ve been very lucky, I have other shirts.

Awww. I’m definitely going to try to keep in mind how compassionate Martin can be the next time he kills one of my favorite characters.

(GRRM via The Consumerist)


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