Go Ahead And Share Your HBO Go Password Because HBO Doesn’t Care [Video]

hbo go

Odds are Game of Thrones won’t drop down from the list of most illegally downloaded shows any time soon, but if you’re using someone else’s HBO Go account to watch, don’t worry. HBO is totally cool with it.

In a recent interview with Buzzfeed, HBO CEO Richard Plepler explained that he views sharing passwords as “a terrific marketing vehicle.”

“What we’re in the business of is building addicts, building video addicts,” he says, “and the way we do that is exposing our product and our shows and our brand to more and more people.”

Plepler went on to say that password sharing hasn’t had much of a negative impact on HBOs bottom line. That having been said, it seems more unlikely than ever that HBO will shift to an internet-only subscription any time soon. I guess it doesn’t matter if you have one of the golden passwords.

See the entire interview after the break…

(via BuzzFeed)


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