‘Gotham By Gaslight’ Will Probably Be The Next DC Animated Movie

You know that massive DC Universe 10th Anniversary Blu-ray boxed set that contains all 30 movies to date? By the looks of things it will be disappointing because #31 will likely be an adaptation of the 1989 one-shot graphic novel Gotham by Gaslight.

An image on Reddit shows what appears to be a promo for the feature listed among the bonus content on the upcoming Batman And Harley Quinn home video release. We revealed official details about the Batman and Harley Quinn Blu-ray release back in May, and it does include “a sneak peek at the next DC Universe original movie”, though the title was being kept under wraps.

DC hasn’t confirmed Gotham by Gaslight at the time of writing, but I think most fans will agree that the story of a Victorian Batman hunting Jack the Ripper in Gotham is a perfect fit for this series.


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