Guillermo del Toro Discusses His Justice League Project [Video]

Guillermo del Toro keeps just as busy (if not busier) as everyone else in Hollywood. It seems as if he always has multiple projects going with more waiting in the wings. While he was discussing Mama (a horror movie he produced) with IGN, he also shared some news about his DC Comics movie.

The film features a team-up of the supernatural characters from DC, and the working title is Dark Universe. del Toro stated he is working on an outline and that he’s found the perfect person to write the script. He’s apparently been courting the guy for a while, and he thinks people will be happy with the choice. Even with that much in place, the movie hasn’t been greenlit just yet.

The Mary Sue transcribed the video interview and in addition to learning that del Toro wants to include some of his favorite characters the in movie (such as Swamp Thing, Spectre, and Zatanna), he also hinted that DC Comics is trying to lay the groundwork for wider continuity in their films and that they’ve been working on it since before The Avengers:

The movements for this happened before [The Avengers]. They were already galvanized to launch Justice League and they were galvanized to make their universe cohesive. So it’s really, what I feel now is that they are really, really with Superman they feel very, very confident with what they have and they are now feeling like they can…they have two pillars – Batman and Superman for the DC Universe. And internally, now they are finding they are, they have a darker tone. A more urban and sophisticated tone you know? So I think now they can build up, build the foundation and now they can build a building.

Hmm. Obviously, making the universe more cohesive makes sense. I just hope they’re able to do it.

Watch the full interview with del Toro after the break.

(IGN via TMS)


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