Harrison Ford May Be On Board For Episode VII And Beyond By Working Indiana Jones V Into the Deal [Rumor]


The rumor mill for Episode VII never ends, and this time the focus is on Harrison Ford. The general thought is that he’s had a verbal agreement in place to return as Han Solo, but a new report says he’s hammered out some details and officially signed. A source known as Jedi Master SQL tipped off the site Jedi News and stated that not only will he be back as the smuggler but that he wouldn’t do so without a commitment from Disney/Lucasfilm to Indiana Jones 5.

Of course, this news needs to be taken with a grain of salt, but we already know that he’s up for another Indy film. He didn’t get a script or even plot guaranteed for this possible fifth film, but the agreement supposedly states it will be developed by the end of 2014 to be released in 2016. Huh.

The agreement also depended on Ford seeing the synopsis for Han Solo’s arc for more than just Episode VII. he must have been okay with it because he apparently agreed to a multi-film deal. It’s not unexpected news, but it is exciting. I’m hoping that there is an official confirmation from Lucasfilm or Disney on this report soon.

(Jedi News via /Film)


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