Help Make a Sequel To The Greatest Terrible Movie Of All-Time

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If you haven’t seen David A. Prior’s 1987 tour de force Deadly Prey, I highly suggest that you find a copy on eBay or watch the movie in segments on YouTube. In our opinion, it is the most action-packed and unintentionally hilarious movie of all-time (check out the NSFW trailer after the break to see what I mean).

The amazing news is that Prior wants to bring the original “stars” back for a sequel called The Deadliest Prey. All he needs is enough money to get the project off the ground—which is why he has a Kickstarter page up and running.

Apparently, they need $150,000 to make this happen—which is a long, long way off at this point. But we’re holding out hope. If you are a fan of terrible cinema, or you hate the movie industry and want to poison it from within, you owe it to yourself to help birth this potential monstrosity into the world.

(The Deadliest Prey—Kickstarter)


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