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An Epic Story Of Some Guy In Space Or Whatever [Video]

“An epic story of some guy in space or whatever” is how Imgur user JazzOrchestra described the short film they created for IFCC 2017, but that doesn’t adequately convey how awesome it truly is.

The description on the project Behance page is a little more thorough:

IFCC or the Independent Festival of Creative Communication is, at its core, a concept art conference. Having this in mind we wanted to stray away from the “typical” motion graphics title sequence and create something with a strong connection to the concept art world. Upon many iterations we decided not only to create something that’s story driven, but to treat the entire title sequence as a short film.

As this was to be our very first story driven short film, we wanted to stick to the proven methods and relied heavily on the teachings of Joseph Campbell, focusing particularly on The Hero’s Journey and combining it with the Sci Fi setting for our film. There were many ideas for the core concept, ranging from “Birth of the Idea” to “Creative Journey” and “Self Discovery”, all of which are pivotal and relatable, not only to concept artist, but to people in general.

Staying in the Sci Fi setting, we made a decision to avoid space imagery and instead use interdimensional travel as our means of exploration, thus only focusing on the landscape scenery, as a throwback to the myths of the old. As the hero’s journey story structure is cyclical, we used the circular imagery all throughout the film, as represented in the alien artifact our character seeks, the vessel’s UI, and the hangar platform, serving as the last transition between the ordinary and the extraordinary world.

Check out the title sequence below. Some have noted that it has a No Man’s Sky kind of vibe, which I can see. Though I would hope that a feature-length film based on this wouldn’t be nearly as disappointing.


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