Is This New Batcave For The Dark Knight Rises? [Image]

The Dark Knight Rises is filming in Romania, and it looks like the country offers the perfect location for Batman’s lair. The Turda Salt Mines has the look and plenty of space for the hero and all his gadgets. It’s a rumor for now, but it certainly looks plausible. If not, I hope Batman is planning to steal this location from whomever it belongs to.

Here’s what the rumors are saying so far:

1) There is a Batcave in The Dark Knight Rises and it will be an enhanced version of what we saw in Batman Begins.

2) The exteriors, including the waterfall, have already been shot on location in Wales.

3) Many interiors will be shot at a Warner Bros soundstage.

Two more photos of the new digs after the jump.

(DKRR via What Culture)


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