J.J. Abrams Has Some Words Of Apology In Regards To Lens Flares


In case you haven’t noticed, J.J. Abrams has a penchant for lens flares. The new Star Trek movies are overflowing with them, and when Abrams was confirmed for Episode VII, the jokes about flares went flying. CraveOnline cornered Abrams on the red carpet for the Star Trek Into Darkness Blu-ray release party and they asked the question we all want to know: What’s up with all the lens flares? And guess what? He apologized.

“I know I get a lot of grief for that,” says Abrams. “But I’ll tell you, there are times when I’m working on a shot, I think, ‘Oh this would be really cool… with a lens flare.’ But I know it’s too much, and I apologize. I’m so aware of it now. I was showing my wife an early cut of Star Trek Into Darkness and there was this one scene where she was literally like, ‘I just can’t see what’s going on. I don’t understand what that is.’ I was like, ‘Yeah, I went too nuts on this.'”

“This is how stupid it was,” J.J. Abrams added. “I actually had to use ILM [Industrial Light & Magic] to remove lens flare in a couple of shots, which is, I know, moronic. But I think admitting you’re an addict is the first step towards recovery.”

I can’t believe there were more flares! I’m a little curious to see what it was like before ILM removed them.

(CraveOnline via /Film)


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