Leaked Blueprints Show Possible Disney Avatar Land Attractions

Disney announced their plans to add an Avatar area to their Animal Kingdom theme park just over a year ago. However, there hasn’t been much movement since then and that’s allegedly due in part to James Cameron having a different vision than the Imagineers. However, it appears that the filmmaker has finally given his blessing to the plans and the park can move towards construction.

To that effect, a pair of blueprints showing “Avatar Land” have been leaked and they reveal plans for attractions including a water ride and a 3D simulator. The authenticity of these plans have not been verified, but it’s fun to think about the possibilities! Slashfilm breaks the plans down:

These are all slight variations of the same space which, according to Stitch Kingdom, will take over Camp Minnie-Mickey at Animal Kingdom. The entire left side of these blueprints, if you zoom in, features four huge theaters with two screens apiece. Below that, you can see there’s a Glasses Cleaning area. Putting two and two together and it’s likely some kind of 3D simulator along the lines of Star Tours, but on a larger scale, like Soarin’. Across the way, in the upper right corner, you’ll see a track that looks like some sort of water ride, maybe along the lines of Jungle Cruise.

Check out the blueprints after the break and see what you think.

Click the images to enlarge.

(The Epcot Explorer via /Film)


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