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Limited Release for ‘The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey’ in 48 FPS

The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey

No doubt Peter Jackson’s going to be disappointed over this bit of news. It’s no secret that he’s keen on 48 FPS, since he chose to shoot the first movie in his Hobbit trilogyThe Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey, at this frame rate. But if a report by Variety is accurate, then Warner Bros. might be having some doubts on this because they’re reportedly planning to give the 48 FPS version of the movie a limited release with the possibility of a wider run for the remaining two films if the new format is well received.

Considering the fact that we’ve been watching movies at 24 FPS our whole lives, there is concern that footage at twice the traditional frame rate might be too “realistic” to stomach. At least, that’s what CinemaCon’s attendees said when they were treated to a ten-minute preview of The Hobbit in 48 FPS. Jackson responded and said that people will “get used to it reasonably quickly,” and word is that post-production polish has improved the experience, but it looks like only a select few will be able to watch The Hobbit in the way that the filmmakers wanted them to.

(via MTV)


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