Mandy Patinkin Performs Classic Princess Bride Line In The Back Of A Car [Video]


Mandy Patinkin just became one of my favorite people. He was at the Sundance Film Festival for his new film Wish I Was Here, and when an unusual situation arose, he handled it with the utmost class. Will Rubio was working as a driver during the festival and set up a camera on his dashboard. Patinkin was in his car and after about 30 minutes of chatting, Rubio asked if he could interview him. Patinkin graciously agreed and remarked it was a first for him.

Rubio inevitably asked about The Princess Bride. Patinkin said heartwarming things about the film and that he pinches himself every day over being a part of it. He got even more awesome when Rubio mentioned he took on the part of Inigo Montoya in a play. Patinkin said, “Well, let’s do the line together.” Yeah, THAT line. He rules.

Check out the video after the break (the line happens around the 2:15 mark).

(Reddit via 22 Words)


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