Mark Hamill Still Knows How To Wield A Lightsaber Like A Jedi


It’s been a few years since we saw Mark Hamill busting out his inner Jedi Knight as Luke Skywalker, but it looks like he hasn’t lost his moves over the years. While in Orlando, Florida for Star Wars Weekends, the now 62-year-old actor posed with Jedi Mickey Mouse and also spoke with the local press about the training he’s enduring to prep for Episode VII. Speaking with the Orlando Sentinel, Hamill said:

I’ve altered my diet. I’ve started working out. There’s that. But on the film itself: I toured the departments, I’ve looked at wardrobe, and I saw the creature shop. I went around and met all the cast people, saw the technicians working on some new things.

He also commented on our spoiler-hungry culture saying:

This is a whole different world … The first one, no one cared. The second one there was a lot of interest, but it was before the Internet. … I tell people we’re not trying to annoy you or tease you or play some massive game. Basically what the goal is to keep the surprises for the movie instead of spoiling them on the Internet.

No spoilers here. Just a really cool picture of a mouse and a Jedi.

(via /Film, Image: Inside The Magic)


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