Michael Bay’s Script For TMNT Might Have Leaked And It Might Be Horrible

Michael Bay’s plans for the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles sounded horrible. Alien origins, changed characters – it was cringeworthy. His story supposedly captured the basics of TMNT though. Thankfully, the production was shut down (temporarily at least). Supposedly a leaked copy of the script has circulated, and it’s just as awful as everyone worried it would be. We can’t verify this is absolute truth, but Paramount did send out a cease and desist to have the copy of the script removed from the internet. That lends a little credibility for me.

Anyways, it was too late. Fans had read and grabbed screenshots of the document. The breakdown shows a few things: Shredder’s  name is changed to General Schrader, Casey gets a solid introduction but the turtles don’t, and the tone seems childish with a few f-bombs tossed in for good measure. The pieces I reviewed really don’t capture the spirit of the story. Peter Laird wasn’t happy about it either; in a comment on his blog, he said the following:

Someone else alerted me to the existence of this script, and I just a few minutes ago finished reading it. If it is, in fact, the actual draft that was rejected and caused the production of the next TMNT movie to be pushed back to 2014 because the script was unsatisfactory, then I think all true TMNT fans should be grateful to the new “powers that be” that they did not allow this wretched thing to go any further. It could definitely be taken as a good sign if that is the case.

It reminds me of one of the reasons I am glad to not own the property anymore… because I don’t have to tear what little hair I have left out while trying to fix junk like this. — PL

Check out some choice sections of dialogue after the break.



Be sure to visit the site below for pieces from the script with hilarious commentary.

(TMNT, not TANT via Geekosystem)


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