NASA Found Han Solo In Carbonite, On Mercury


That screaming skull face that everyone sees in the craters on the moon is nothing compared to what NASA found on Mercury. Their Messenger probe found a raised shape on the surface of the planet that looks an awful lot like Han Solo frozen in carbonite. And because they are the best of nerds, NASA had this little press release to explain the photo.

A portion of the terrain surrounding the northern margin of the Caloris basin hosts an elevated block in the shape of a certain carbonite-encased smuggler who can make the Kessel Run in less than 12 parsecs.

If there are two things you should remember, it’s not to cross a Hutt, and that Mercury’s surface can throw up all kinds of surprises. This block may be part of the original surface that pre-dates the formation of Caloris, which was shaped by material ejected during the basin-forming event.

Well done, NASA, well done.

(Yahoo via Gizmodo)


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