New Book Features Creepy Concept Art For The Creatures Of The Harry Potter Films

hp creature vault 1

The eight Harry Potter films were so rich with details that I feel like we’ll be seeing “making of” books for at least a few more years. The latest behind-the-scenes book is Harry Potter: The Creature Vault. The two hundred page hardcover tome features sketches and concept art for many of the spooky and cute creatures that appeared in the films from Buckbeak the Hippogriff to Nagini. It’s automatically going on my wish list.

See more of the concept art after the break.

hp creature vault 2

hp creature vault 3

hp creature vault 4

hp creature vault 5

hp creature vault 6

hp creature vault 7

hp creature vault 8




Images via Warner Bros / Harper Collins / Chrissy Kwasnik.

Product Page ($27 via PopSugar and Nerdist)


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