New Commercials For Superman Toys Might Give Away Man of Steel Plot Points [Video]

If you don’t want to know a thing about Man of Steel besides that it’s about Superman, stop reading now. If you don’t mind some minor spoilers, please continue.

Bleeding Cool has unearthed two not quite finished commercials for new Superman toys. The Exploders and Flight Speeders look fun enough, but it’s what the cheesy promos possibly reveal about Man of Steel that’s more interesting. It’s not a secret that General Zod is the main villain, but he does appear to have a Black Zero Spaceship with a gravity beam pointed at Earth. The toy commercial also mentions a robot army. The pale look of the Zod toy is also worth mentioning just in case it bears any resemblance to the character in the film.

Given that these are promos, I’d take them with a grain of salt. Or kryptonite.

Watch the commercials after the break.

(via Bleeding Cool)


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