New Zealand Is Covered In Advertisements For The Hobbit, Right Down To Their Airplanes

New Zealand is taking their role as Middle Earth quite seriously: they are advertising The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey in an overzealous fashion. I love it.

The latest advertisement to join their existing campaign – which includes stamps and coins featuring characters from The Hobbit, an in-flight safety video and a giant Gollum greeting visitors at the airport – is wrapping Air New Zealand planes with all the dwarfs.

All of these ads undoubtedly have ties to cash money, but I also think the country is proud to be host to the films. The movies of the Lord of the Rings trilogy were blockbusters, and The Hobbit is likely to deliver a repeat performance. No other place will ever be Middle Earth as much as New Zealand and even if they get weary of it from time to time, it’s got to be good for tourism and business.

(The West via io9)


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