Peter Jackson Responds To Poor Reception Of The Hobbit Preview

The Hobbit: The Unexpected Journey doesn’t hit theaters until December, but sneak peeks have some viewers giving it the evil eye. Attendees at CinemaCon last week got a special ten minute preview which showed off the fact that the film was shot at a higher 48 frames per second as opposed to the standard 24—and not everyone thought it was a good experience. A bit like those who love 3D and those who hate it, many felt it made the film looked so real that it ended up looking fake.

Read Jackson’s response after the jump…

Peter Jackson acknowledges these concerns and in an interview with THR  said “You get used to it reasonably quickly,” and  “… it is different in a positive way, especially for 3D, especially for epic films and films that are trying to immerse the viewer in the experience of a story.”

Just in case moviegoers disagree, the film is being released in 24 and 48 fps and in 2D, 3D and IMAX 3D so they can choose exactly the way they want to see the film. Jackson  says he hopes people will give the new format a chance since “Ten minutes is sort of marginal, it probably needed a little bit more,” making the whole film an entirely different and better experience than what the sneak peek provided.

(via Slashfilm)


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