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Rey, Finn And Poe Take Down Jar Jar Binks In This ‘Star Wars’ Fan Comic

It’s been seventeen years since The Phantom Menace raised our hopes and dashed them with clinical precision, and the rancid taste of Jar Jar Binks is still one that seems uncomfortably at the back of many a Star Wars fan’s throat. Even the new sequel trilogy has been marred by rumors that Kylo Ren would be revealed as the Gungan goofball. Fortunately that turned out not to be the case, and the fandom is finally moving away from Jar Jar and what he represented for the movies.

That being said, there’s still some bad blood, and some fans have chosen to excise those demons. Fans like artist Stephen Byrne, who has made this wonderful fan comic dubbed “Episode 7.5”. Following on from the events of The Force Awakens our new heroes, accompanied by Luke Skywalker and everybody’s favorite round-thing-on-top-of-other-round-thing BB-8, take down Jar Jar Binks in this fantastic 14-page comic.

Byrne posted the comic on Twitter across four tweets, and you can check it out in full below.

(via The Verge)


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