Robert Downey Jr. Celebrates His Birthday With “Winter Soldier” Screening For 50 Kids


Robert Downey Jr. celebrated his 49th birthday on April 4th which was opening day for Captain America: The Winter Soldier. Prior to the big day he said he planned to celebrate by inviting 50 kids over to his place to watch the movie with him, and this picture is the proof that he followed through on his promise.

Adding to the awesome that is Robert Downey Jr. is a story involving Jamie Foxx’s daughter. She had an Iron Man themed party and told everyone that she was personal friends with the real Tony Stark and that he’d be making an appearance. Foxx decided to ask Downey if there was any way he could come by, and not only did he say yes, he showed up with a bunch of Iron Man toys for the kids and stayed through the whole party.

Now that’s a superhero if ever there was one.

See a picture from Jamie Foxx’s daughter’s party after the break…

(Robert Downey Jr’s Facebook via Geekosystem)


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