Take A Ride On This Awesome Fan-Designed ‘Star Wars’ Roller Coaster [Video]

Disney is hard at work building their Star Wars theme park expansions, and we can only hope that they’ve cooked up something as fun as this coaster design from YouTuber Chuck Maurice. Take it for a spin below (the ride itself begins at the 1:50 mark).

Queue line scenery : you’re in a Rebel hidden base. Did you ever wonder how x-wings and rebels ships were made ? Let’s take a loot at it ! I built my own starspeeder 3000 inspired from Disneyland Paris. The whole thing looks more of a starspeeder 0.333 than a starspeeder 3000 but that’s enough for me at the moment. I know the queue line is long, but i had to deal with the underground coaster.

(via /Film)

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