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Steven Spielberg Wants To Direct Chris Pratt In An Indiana Jones Reboot

chris pratt indiana jones

Would Chris Pratt make a good Indiana Jones? As we’ve noted before, Chris Pratt would make a good anything.

Most of the Internet seems to be on board with the idea, and it looks like Steven Spielberg is in that camp as well. Deadline is reporting that he would love to direct the film so long as the script “comes in to his satisfaction.”

Keep in mind that this is the man who went forward with the Crystal Skull script. Though, George Lucas’ involvement (or lack thereof) this time around may have an impact on how this film proceeds.

Of course, this is all far from official. There have been no casting announcements and there’s no script at this point. But it’s interesting to think about. Assuming Chris Pratt does take over the role, would you like Spielberg to be on board or should this reboot start completely fresh?

(via /Film)


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