Tauriel Makes Legolas Assume The Butt Pose For A New Hobbit Poster

legolas and tauriel poster

New posters for The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug are out and Legolas and Tauriel feature prominently in a couple of them. The one pictured above is notable because it puts Legolas in a pose usually reserved for the ladies – as The Mary Sue aptly calls it, the butt pose. Women are often posed in movie posters at just the right angle to showcase their rear and their chest. The Avengers poster comes to mind as an example; Black Widow was posed in such an obvious booty-focused way that parodies were created.

Anyway, this poster puts Legolas front and center while Tauriel looks kick ass in the background. I love the role reversal, but I also hope this pose will go extinct one day.

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(Superhero Hype via TMS)


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