The Avengers Movie Shut Down After Samuel L. Jackson’s Script Is Stolen and Leaked

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Apparently, production on The Avengers has shut down temporarily following the theft of a script from Samuel L. Jackson.

If you recall, Joss Whedon announced that filming began just last week.

According to Film Fan Review and Obsessed With Film, the script codenamed “Group Hug” has been shopped around to various movie sites over the last few days, but there haven’t been any takers out of an understandable fear of incurring Disney’s legal wrath.

Images of the leaked script have surfaced showing a scene from the S.H.I.E.L.D. hellicarrier involving the Hulk and Black Widow (click on the image to read part of the scene).

Rumor has it that the leaks have halted production for re-writes, but other sources deny that claim. Thor star Chris Hemsworth also told the Wall Street Journal that his start date on the film is the same and that the script is a older version and has been revised many times since its release.

(via Comics Alliance)


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