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‘Masters Of The Universe’ Cut In The Style Of ‘The Force Awakens’ Trailer Looks Almost, But Not Quite, Watchable

masters of the universe

I’m told that when I was a kid I watched the film adaptation of Masters of the Universe on more or less a daily basis. As an adult, however, I can’t tell you what the film is about. I vaguely recall it featuring oiled nipples, a short, hairy man who looked like he’d been kicked off the set of Jim Henson’s Labyrinth for looking too surly, and Courteney Cox.

It’s a film with something of a bad reputation, which has more or less put me off revisiting it in my adulthood. That said, watching this trailer for the film, recut by Mike Furth in the style of the trailer for The Force Awakens, actually makes the film seem, y’know, watchable. Could it be we’ve been wrong about the film this whole time? Or would any film come across in a more positive light given the Force Awakens trailer treatment? Who knows?

Well, we know, obviously, because Masters of the Universe is a toilet movie.

Watch it below.

(via io9)


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