The Hunger Games Trailer: Meet Katniss Everdeen [Movies]

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The first extended trailer for The Hunger Games has landed, and it’s made the internet explode. Or maybe that was just my head. Fans of the dystopian survival/adventure books (the trilogy by Suzanne Collins) have eagerly been awaiting release of any footage, and today, they’ve mostly responded with glee.  The trailer sets up the story instead of showing clips from throughout; it’s a good tactic that doesn’t give too much away (if you haven’t read the books). We get our first look at most of the primary cast of characters in action: Katniss, Peeta, Cinna, Rue, Haymitch, and more. We glimpse important locations: District 12, the Capitol, and even the arena. It all looks impressive.

Be amazed. Watch the trailer after the break. (Spoiler warning: if you haven’t read the books and want to do so, I’d avoid the trailer until you get past the first few chapters).

(via Entertainment Weekly)


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