The Internet Mobilizes To Support 1st Grade Geek Girl Who Got Bullied For Liking Star Wars

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I posted last week about young Star Wars fan Katie and the flak she was getting from the boys in her class about liking Star Wars. I admit, I ranted. I was upset and I felt bad and I’m a geek girl, so I’m sensitive when I see people griefing other geek girls.

Well, apparently most of the internet felt the same. ::grin::

Katie’s story, originally posted at Chicago Now, picked up my Epbot and then virally spread all over the place, got a lot of people thinking, writing, posting and thinking of ways to show their support and understanding.

Katie’s mom has a new post up at Chicago Now with the latest on the story. It’s definitely worth a read. This is just part of the update:

The comments, thousands of them combined from various blogs around the world, tell a story. They tell us that we are not alone, that teasing, pain and ultimately, resilience, are all part of the human condition. They tell us that someone cares.

She went on to explain what you can do to help, and how Katie has responded to all of the attention.

Finally, a Facebook Event has been created on December 10th inviting people to wear a Star Wars article of clothing in support of “Geek Pride” and Katie. Since it is the holiday season, my husband and I would like to remarket this event as “Wear Star Wars – Share Star Wars.”

We ask that each person who decides to wear a Star Wars item also make a donation of a single Star Wars/ science fiction toy to a shelter or hospital on December 10th. (And please specify that the toy can go to a girl OR a boy, not just a boy).

Please refrain from sending any Star Wars toys or items to Katie, as we prefer that a needy child receive these items, and Katie has what she needs.

As far as Katie goes, she has definitely internalized the message that girls can like Star Wars too! We are reading every single comment, and we plan to print them all into a book for her to cherish as she grows older and navigates the tough teenage years.

Oh and — Katie even made the news. #MayTheForceBeWithKatie


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