The Latest and Greatest Production Video from The Hobbit

Peter Jackson takes us back to Middle Earth with another production diary video from The Hobbit. They’ve wrapped location shooting and are switching to studios, and we get to see some of the fun (or not) that they’ve experienced out in the field. It’s hard for me to wrap my head around all the issues that must come with a production of this size, and I love seeing how it’s handled via these videos.

Hearing Jackson (by the by, I adore that whenever he’s holding a cup on set, it’s never a paper one) talk about The Hobbit is enough to make me grin like a fool, but this video’s got plenty more to make me flail. We see Martin Freeman discussing where he’s liked to shoot, IT challenges, Andy Serkis getting some tricksy shots with a helicopter, skipping dwarves, the eloquent Ian McKellen, stunning vistas, and the coolest part? Dwarves in barrels! Hey, that should be the name of a band!

Watch the production video after the break.

(via Ain’t It Cool News)


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