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This Trailer For The Phantom Menace 3D Is Ridiculous [Movies]

Unless you’ve been living in the desert of Tatooine you know that Star Wars: The Phantom Menace is being re-released in 3D next Friday. Lucasfilm is really marketing it to the kids, too. Just think, there’s an entire generation of kids who have only known Star Wars: The Clone Wars animated series and have never seen Star Wars on the big screen. Maybe they’ve never even seen the prequels. They’re a prime demographic to focus marketing towards. However, if they’re trying to attract the same kids watching The Clone Wars, they’ve missed a beat.

The Clone Wars stars incredibly talented voice actors and often features pretty heavy and dark material. A war is spreading across the galaxy. Kids that watch the series are used to seeing an edge. The trailer for The Phantom Menace is voiced with a peppy, after school special tone that just rings as laughable. He actually says, “Chill out, Artoo.” Huh? It might be one of the most ridiculous bits of voiceover work ever. And keep in mind that I actually like the movie, so I’m not transferring feelings of hate.

I understand going after the younger crowd but give them some respect. View the trailer in all its silly glory after the break.

(via Den of Geek)


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