This Kid Came Up With An Awesome Princess Bride Theory That Changes The Ending Forever


The Princess Bride has been around nearly 30 years, and I’ve been watching the film for most of its existence. I still learn new things about the film now and then, and a child just came up with a theory that’s never occurred to me. Larry Young, co-founder of comic company AiT/Planet Lar watched the film on the first day of winter vacation with his kid Walker, and this was his reaction:

At the end, when Fred Savage asks Peter Falk to come back and read it again tomorrow and he has a little twinkle in his eye and replies “As you wish,” Walker turned to me and said, “Oh, right; he’s the last Dread Pirate Roberts and he’ll give the mask to his grandson tomorrow” AND YOU BLEW MY GODDAMN MIND LITTLE DUDE

What? Could the Dread Pirate Roberts mask be passed down for that many generations? I say yes, and this is how I’m going to choose to view the ending from now on. Thanks, Walker. You rock.

Bonus: See Walker dressed as the Dread Pirate Roberts after the break.

dread pirate roberts kid

(Larry Young via io9)


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