This Leaked Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Script Actually Has Some Good Parts

Remember the whole fiasco with Michael Bay’s disastrous Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle script? Sure you do. There was an alien origin among other not so great issues. You also may recall that the whole production got shut down. Well, a copy of a script for TMNT was leaked in June by Latino Review’s El Mayimbe, and it contains some promising nuggets of information. It’s not clear when this particular script was written, but it shows some broader strokes.

The names included are of major importance: Bebop, Rocksteady, Krang, and even the Technodrome comes up. I mean, the inclusion of these baddies shows that Bay and others did pay attention to the source material. They may even have got crazy and decided to use some of it. Who knows what their stories or origins will be like, but I like that they’re included. I’m not getting my hopes up too much, but it’s something.

And this is being reported as the official synopsis of the film:

After their planet’s destruction, four turtle-like alien warriors and their master come to Earth, where they join forces with reporter April O’Neil to prevent the extradimensional conqueror Krang from enslaving the human race.

I like some of that, just not the alien part. Not even a little.

(Comic Book Movie via /Film)


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