Cannibal Cop Comic Chew Will Be An Animated Feature Starring Steven Yeun And Felicia Day


Great news for fans of the Eisner award winning Chew—you’re getting an animated feature adaptation! What’s more, The Walking Dead‘s Steven Yeun will voice Tony Chu and Felicia Day will voice Amelia Mintz. Jeff Krelitz will direct the script by Chew co-creator John Layman.

If you’re not familiar with Chew, here’s a quick description:

Tony Chu is a Cibopathic cop which means he gets psychic impressions from whatever he eats. That includes dead bodies if it’ll help solve a murder case. Amelia Mintz is a saboscrivner and writes about food so perfectly the reader feels like they can taste it.

Oh and, the bird flu has made eating anything with wings illegal. That includes fried chicken. I think I just cried a little at the thought.

(via THR)


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