An Affordable And Officially Licensed Tron Legacy Costume [Sponsored]

Love or hate the film, we can at least all agree that the re-design of the outfits in Tron Legacy were pretty spectacular. Sleek, cool black jumpsuits that put the older generation Tron outfits to shame. You won’t be in any danger of looking like the infamous ‘Tron Guy’ in this outfit (although admittedly the costume itself was a pretty impressive recreation).

The problem with them is that homemade costume efforts seem to range from the ridiculous to awesome with almost no middle ground and a staggering cost. It seems that there is an overlooked solution out there though, looking through the usual Tron cosplays, I dredged up this little gem. Though not as skin tight as those in the film or featuring the distinctive colour options for the light strips, this suit provides an affordable cosplay solution with little effort. This Tron costume comes with all the expected features; there are reflective strips to emulate the light-up effect seen in the film and cartoon, a detachable disc and helmet.

The more observant fans may notice that this particular costume uses a light-strip pattern similar to that of Sam Flynn making it great for passing yourself off as the film’s protagonist but you could probably get away with passing yourself of as most other programs too.


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