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Apparently, The Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Special Will Include All Eleven Doctors, Even The Dead Ones

Okay, so the rumors surrounding the upcoming 50th anniversary Doctor Who special are officially out of control. Previously we heard that no classic doctors would appear, but Tennant is on board. However, the rumors seem to go back and forth on a daily basis—but that’s nothing compared to the whopper respected Doctor Who fansite Blogtor Who dropped this week then quickly deleted. Fortunately, all of the juicy details were captured before the post went down.

According to their “trusted” sources, all eleven doctors will appear in the 90-minute episode, even the dead ones…somehow. Not only that, there are two scripts being prepared—one that prominently features Christopher Eccleston and one that doesn’t depending on how much he wants to be involved (keep in mind that Eccleston has historically been pretty adamant about wanting nothing more to do with the Who franchise).

But that’s not all. The rumors go beyond the 50th anniversary to state that current Doctor Matt Smith is set to regenerate in a New Year’s special in 2013-2014.

Obviously, all of this information should be taken with a grain of salt (or two). However, Blogtor Who has a good track record with rumors, so it’s worth considering at least. On that note, no reasons have been given thus far as to why the original post was taken down. Could the Beeb have been behind it?

(Blogtor Who via Bleeding Cool)


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