Ash Fires Up His Chainsaw In The New Trailer For Ash Vs. Evil Dead


Oh look at that sweet, sweet, Deadite slicing machine. Starz has released two different versions of a second teaser trailer for Ash vs Evil Dead that give us a glimpse of our favorite anti-hero’s chainsaw. You’ll also hear Bruce Campbell’s voice in the background saying “Ash is back, baby” and “Groovy”.

I have chills!

During our interview with Bruce Campbell, director Sam Raimi, and producer Robert Tapert we discussed many important topics about the show including the “gnarly” chainsaw sound that can only be achieved from reel to reel tape. They so nailed it.

Watch both versions of the teaser trailer after the break…

Ash vs Evil Dead is the long-awaited follow-up to the classic horror film franchise The Evil Dead and is set to premiere on STARZ in fall 2015.


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